What is ?

SurgeryPlus is a great new benefit available through EmployerDirect Healthcare.


+ When your doctor recommends surgery, you call SurgeryPlus.

+ SurgeryPlus helps you find a board-certified surgeon with an extensive history of quality. They set up your initial consultation and walk you through each step of the planning process.

+ If there aren’t any SurgeryPlus surgeons near you, SurgeryPlus plans and pays for your travel too!

+ SurgeryPlus negotiates all costs BEFORE you have surgery, then coordinates the payment for you.




What are the Benefits?


The information provided here are example benefits provided for general informational purposes only and are not intended as, nor should they be considered a substitute for, legitimate healthcare plans. Specific benefits will be based on the employer's plan.



PPO/EPO/Traditional Plans



High Deductible with HSA





  • $500
  • 20% / $250 hospital


  • $2,500
  • 10%

Non Network


  • $1,000
  • 40% / $500 hospital


  • $5,000
  • 40%

  • Waive deductible
  • Waive coinsurance and copays
  • Travel benefit and Get Well benefit
  • HSA contribution up to $700
  • Waive coinsurance
  • Travel benefit and Get Well benefit

Quality Starts with the Doctor

+Receive the best care at some of the best facilities in the U.S.

+ Provider excellence equals better outcomes.

Quality and Savings to Plan Members

+Care Coordination services provide a better patient experience.

+Get help finding the right SurgeryPlus Provider.

+Get clear explanations of what to do and what to expect at each step.

Single Case Rate Bundles

+Transparency and predictability via bundled case rates.

+ Save up to 30-50% more per procedure than typical network discounts and reduce overall health costs 6-10%.

+Members save money with no co-pay, deductibles, or co-insurance.

+No medical bills for plan members.


Quality Care

SurgeryPlus works with only board certified providers who have a proven history of quality.

  • Providers must show they have performed a procedure numerous times without incident.
  • Required to give SurgeryPlus annual utilization and quality data for each year.
  • Any major complications are to be immediately reported to SurgeryPlus.

Care Coordination

SurgeryPlus Care Coordinators are non-clinical personal assistants to help members:

  • Select a SurgeryPlus Provider.
  • Schedule their appointments.
  • Facilitate transfer for medical records.
  • Manage travel logistics (if applicable).
  • Managing follow-up care instructions from the medical provider.

Bundled Case Rates

SurgeryPlus bundles your care to get you a better price.

  • Bundled rate gives you transparency and predictability.
  • Save from 30–50% more per procedure than typical network discounts.
  • SurgeryPlus reduces overall health costs 6-10%.